Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Challenges of Appliance Installation

Have you ever purchased a microwave from a major home improvement store, got really excited to bring it home, and opened the box and to see what types of tapes were used to package it???  Well, I do and this happened to me a few weeks ago when I decided to get rid of the 20 plus year old microwave in my kitchen.  

When I got the microwave home and started to inspect the packaging, the outside of the box was sealed with a clear carton sealing tape.  After I opened the box, I saw that a clean-removal MOPP tape was used on the outside and inside of the microwave to secure the door and parts during production and shipment.  I was not surprised to see either of these tapes being used by this particular manufacturer.  

I decided to install the microwave myself and unfortunately for me, I always seem to run into some type of “challenge” when I take on a home improvement project.  The “challenge” that I ran into on this project was a large hole in the wall behind my existing microwave.  My guess is that the previous homeowner tried to vent the microwave through the wall and abandoned that idea and decided to vent it through the top of the kitchen cabinet.  What the previous homeowner didn’t do was cover up the hole that was left in the wall.  So what did I do?  I decided to use a few strips of IPG® Duct Tape to cover this hole and the problem was solved in a matter of minutes.  Every household needs a roll of IPG® Duct Tape.  In fact, maybe our sales force should add duct tape to their product line when they call on an Appliance Manufacturer.  A roll of duct tape could be packaged with the microwave, dishwasher, etc. in case the homeowner runs into the same “challenge” that I ran into.  

So to all you Appliance Manufacturers out there, call your IPG Sales Representative today and order some IPG® Duct Tape!

Written by IPG Corporate Account Manager