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Case Study: ArmorLiner 45L

AquaMaster Geomembrane - Reclaimed Water Storage Pond

The Details 

Site ready for installation of geomembrane pond liner
  • Application: Reclaimed Water Storage Pond
  • Location: Hollister, CA
  • Product: AquaMaster® ArmorLiner™ 45L geomembrane pond liner
  • Quantity: 210,000 sf
  • Owner: San Benito County Water District
  • Engineer: Dahl Consultants Folsom, CA
  • Contractor: Auburn Constructors / ECApplications

The Customer 

The San Benito County Water District has a mission to preserve the economic and environmental health and well-being of San Benito County through the control, management, conservation of waters and the provision of water services in a practical, cost-effective and responsible manner. Therefore, they are taking a proactive approach to protecting the water throughout the area. Part of this approach was construction of a large pond to handle reclaimed water from surface water runoff.

Anchor trench at top of pond to hold liner in place

The Challenge 

As the pond is adjacent to the San Benito River bed, most of the soils are a sandy gravel with trace amounts of silt which would not hold water. The engineers decided the pond needed to be lined, so they could prevent the seepage of water outside of the pond. The liner would need to be durable and have high puncture resistance, as the soils contained large amounts of rocks. The liner also needed to have excellent strength properties, so it could survive the environment and hold up on the steepened slopes of the pond.

The Solution

Engineers needed to choose a product with excellent strength. They chose IPG®’s AquaMaster ArmorLiner 45L for just this reason. IPG’s AquaMaster ArmorLiner 45L was chosen for its strength-to-weight ratio and was the best option for preventing punctures while continuing to support and confine the water.

The IPG Advantage

Completed pond ready for water
IPG’s AquaMaster ArmorLiner 45L was also chosen because of its ability to be factory fabricated into large panels. This would reduce the on-site installation time and the need for additional costly field seams, which would help the project be installed quickly and on time. The product was installed in October 2016 and took only one week to install. The speed at which these liners can be installed help keep the project on time.

John Dahl, Dahl Consultants Folsom, CA
San Benito County Water District, Hollister, CA
Mark Hargrove, GEI Engineering, Rancho Cordova, CA

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Damaged Shipment? Here's How to Make It Right

You’ve worked hard to create products that appeal to the marketplace, and your efforts are paying off in sales. The last thing you need as you strive to maintain your positive reputation, is for customers to be disappointed by damaged goods.

Unfortunately, packages do get damaged and products are broken while in the shipping stream. In fact, according to a widely reported study by analysts at customer service software and data provider StellaService, as many as 1 in 10 packages sustains damage in-transit. While you cannot control whether a shipper handles a package properly, you can control how you respond to an incident.
“While you cannot control whether a shipper handles a package properly, you can control how you respond to an incident.” TWEET THIS

How Customer Service Affects Customer Experience

If your product is damaged during shipping and you fail to address the situation proactively with your customer, the results can be detrimental, including:
  • ✔ Loss of revenue on the current order. The customer may refuse to pay for the product or contest the charges on his credit card.
  • ✔ Loss of future business from this customer. It’s safe to say that if you don’t resolve this type of issue to the customer’s satisfaction, he won’t be purchasing from you again.
  • ✔ Loss of future business from others. Consumers today have many platforms for expressing their displeasure about a company’s customer service. If their complaint gets shared widely on social media, this one incident can cost you future sales.
  • ✔ Loss of standing with watchdog organizations. Too many unresolved customer service issues and you may find your rating with entities like the Better Business Bureau dropping. This can hurt your business for months or years to come.
On the flip side, even an unfortunate situation like the receipt of damaged product can produce a positive outcome if you respond by putting yourself in your customers shoes.  People who receive exceptional, attentive customer service are likely to:
  • ✔ Tell their friends and family.
  • ✔ Share their experience on social media (often with a smiling photo of them holding the replacement item!).
  • ✔ Provide a positive testimonial you can use on your website or in marketing materials.
In other words, the time and effort you expend in creating a positive customer service outcome in response to a problem, tends to pay off many times over.
6 Steps for Dealing with Damaged Goods
What does an exceptional customer service response to damaged product look like? Below are six steps your team can take to turn disappointment into delight.
  1. Respond to the customer’s inquiry promptly — within minutes if possible; by the end of day if need be. No one likes to be kept waiting when they reach out to a company. That is especially true of someone looking to resolve a problem.
  2. Take full responsibility. While the shipper may have damaged the package, you chose the shipper. The customer will appreciate you being accountable.
  3. Get as much information as you can from the customer. Ask the customer to provide descriptions of the damage, photos if they are able to send them, etc. Be sure you have their accurate contact information.
  4. Promise immediate action and a prompt resolution. And, of course, follow through on those promises.
  5. Expedite the replacement. A few extra dollars for faster shipping will buy a great deal of goodwill.
  6. Provide an incentive for future orders. Include coupons or a discount with the replacement shipment. Your attentive handling of this issue coupled with a subsequent purchase that goes smoothly will likely earn the customer’s forgiveness and future business.
Other Considerations
Ideally you want to keep product damage from occurring in the first place. Packaging your merchandise in corrugated cartons surrounded by adequate padding and sealed with strong, water-activated tape (WAT) is a good start.
It’s also important to thoroughly research your shippers and steer clear of those known for a higher incidence of package damage. Once you’ve selected a shipper, be sure to learn about their damage policies. For example, what kind of insurance do they offer and how are damage claims filed and processed?
By taking great care both in how you ship your packages and how you address shipping incidents, you can help ensure that your customers are thrilled with their interactions with your company and become vocal advocates for it.
If you have questions about our water-activated tape, water-activated tape dispensers, and other products, please contact us at your convenience. 

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Case Study: NovaLiner 12

AquaMaster Canal Liner Geomembrane

Preparing the canal for geosynthetic / geomembrane liner 

The Details 

  • Type of project: Installation of a fabricated canal liner – 5 miles per year 
  • Size of project: 1,350,000 ft² (125,000 m²) of AquaMaster® NovaLiner™ 12 black/black geomembrane liner
  • Fabricator: Inland Plastics or Layfield Environmental Systems
  • Contractor/Installer: Eastern Irrigation District (EID)

The Background 

The EID performs several projects annually on the infrastructure that they operate and this is a typical example. Lands adjacent to lateral 11B Springhill were being adversely affected by alkali contamination. The cause was water mounding.

Installing NovaLiner 12 geomembrane canal liner

The Challenge

Installation could not commence until after the summer irrigation season was over, which typically ends in mid-October. At this time of the year, frost and severe winter weather can occur. Due to those conditions, the installation needed to be fast and the material flexible enough to permit easy installation in cold weather. IPG® was able to meet all the requirements of the project with its AquaMaster NovaLiner 12.

The Solution

The vegetation in the old canal was removed and the sides and bottom of the canal were re-graded to one (1) foot below design grade. Sheets of AquaMaster NovaLiner 12 were placed in the channel and anchored in place using trenches on top of the banks. The liner was then covered with one (1) foot of armour gravel. For this project 42 panels 60' x 360' and 20 panels 45' x 500' were used, making it a quick and simple installation. Each panel weighed less than 1,000 lbs and was easily deployed by the crew. The design did not require field seaming, therefore panels were overlapped three (3) feet, backfilled and compacted which further shortened the installation time and eliminated the need of seam quality control on site.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Case Study: NovaLiner 24


Installation of AquaMaster geosynthetic pond liner

The Details 

The Background 

Eagle Ford Frac Water needed a durable containment liner to hold 2,000,000 barrels of fresh water for two Frac drills on-site. The excess water in pond is available for drilling companies in area to purchase for drilling or other needs as well.

The Challenge

With average annual rainfall at approximately 23 inches, water in the Eagle Ford shale is very scarce and in high demand. The general contractor hired a drilling company to tap 4000 feet into the aquifer to fill the Frac pond with brackish water for 2 on-site drilling rigs and to sell excess water to Oil and Gas companies in the area. Choosing a tough, durable lining system along with the best fabricator/installer was of the utmost importance to ensure that minimal water was lost after installation.

The Solution

Frac pond complete! NovaLiner 24 geomembrane
was installed in 12 hours! 
AquaMaster NovaLiner 24 was chosen due to its proven performance in puncture and hydrostatic resistance and ease of installation. BTL was able to factory fabricate five panels, 162' x 369' each (59,778 SF), and have rolls arrive and placed for deployment before mobilization. As the panels where deployed only four field seams were required saving valuable time and minimizing the need for quality control testing of field seams. 92% of the seams were done in the controlled environment of the installer’s factory, ensuring perfect seam quality. Installation was completed in 12 hours over 1 ½ days - fast installation was crucial due to variable high winds in the area that can gust up to 30 mph.

Learn more about IPG’s AquaMaster products: Call 1-800-565-2000 or visit itape.com/aquamaster.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Case Study: ArmorLiner24

AquaMaster geosynthetic geomembrane wastewater pond liner

The Background 

New Earth Soils & Compost is a family-owned business based in San Antonio, TX. Their Houston compost facility accepts dated fruits and vegetables from big box supermarkets and wood waste from tree and shrub trimming operations. The materials are then mulched into composts of varying coarseness.

In the fall of 2011, New Earth began contracting with several municipalities in the Houston area to accept the biomass solids generated from multiple wastewater treatment plants. When accepted, the solids are largely sanitary but require additional processing to ensure that all pathogens are removed prior to conversion to a compost.
Unwanted debris

The biomass must be combined with a carbon source and a nitrogen source to be converted to a compost. New Earth uses the fruit and vegetable matter as the nitrogen source and the tree and shrub mass as the carbon source.

The mixture must be maintained at 160°F. It is windrowed and turned periodically with a special, self-propelled machine acquired by New Earth.

The Challenge 

With the addition of biomass to the product mix at New Earth, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) required that the ground beneath the processing area be lined with a geomembrane. The TCEQ also required that a site-water storage detention pond be lined. New Earth had retained Camp, Dresser, McKee (CDM) to provide site design services. CDM elected to use a woven coated geomembrane because of the cost-benefit ratio and the ease and speed with which fabricated geomembranes can be installed.

The Solution

Fabricated ArmorLiner panels being unrolled and deployed
The contractor, LDF Construction, Inc., turned to Wright Lining Inc. Steve and Alan Wright have been installing geomembranes for over 32 years. Donald at LDF Construction, Inc. knew he could count on them for a speedy installation. Steve Wright contacted Stan Slifer with Watersaver Co., Inc. in Denver, CO for guidance on cost and fabrication of a woven, coated geomembrane. Watersaver has fabricated over two billion square feet of geomembranes and was able to provide a quick turnaround with information and material.

Watersaver recommended Intertape Polymer Group®’s  24 mil, polyethylene AquaMaster® product. Because ArmorLiner 24 geomembrane liner is a light, high performance fabric it can be fabricated into large panels. In this case, Watersaver fabricated several large-sized panels; most measuring nearly 1 acre in size (192’ x 200’ or 38,400 sf).

Watersaver was able to fabricate and ship finished panels within a week of the order, which met the owner’s and contractor’s short timeline. Tim Toohey, Watersaver’s Production Operations Manager, described the welding performance of the ArmorLiner 24 as “Beautiful.”

With the arrival of the panels on pallets, Wright Lining went straight to work deploying material.

LDF Construction, Inc. had spent the week preparing the pond and the pad for deploying the liner. This meant fine grading and ensuring that there were no objects larger than a fist exposed in the soil. Items like the stick and the rock shown on the previous page had to be removed. Once the pond and pad were inspected and approved the liner was deployed.

Timing was critical, in this case, because the site was hit with a severe thunderstorm immediately after the panels were laid. Donald Robson, LDF Construction, Inc., expressed his gratitude at the ability of Wright Lining, using ArmorLiner 24, to deploy 130,000 square feet in under four hours! The pallets were positioned according to plan. The panels were then pulled out using local labor. The ArmorLiner 24 was welded using Leister Twinny T hot-air welders.

Steve Wright typically works with thicker mil reinforced geomembranes. He was initially concerned that the 24 mil ArmorLiner 24 would be too light for this project. He found that the material welded extremely well and that the liner was “tough as nails!” Steve says he’s looking forward to working with the product again in the future. He said he particularly likes the fact that the ArmorLiner 24 seaming process is quicker than that of other geomembrane options. With their project completed on time and within budget with ArmorLiner 24, Rob Smith, General Manager at New Earth, concluded: “Oh man — that stuff’s awesome!”

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How to Package Dads and Grads Gifts for Shipping

When packaging gifts, remember a gift that arrives damaged is a disappointment both to the recipient and the purchaser. 

According to the government’s U.S. Census Bureau, there are an estimated 72.2 million fathers across the U.S. This equates to a huge number of packages being shipped by e-commerce companies to deserving dads in the coming weeks. In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates that 77 percent of Americans will celebrate Father’s Day, with an average per-person spend of $133 per person driving overall spending up to a near-record $15.3 billion.

Early summer is also graduation season. How many students will receive gifts to commemorate their achievement? With all the high schools, colleges and universities, and other kinds of educational programs in our country, it’s hard to say for sure. But you can bet it is a number in the millions.
Will your company be looking to capture a portion of these sales? If so, you will want to be sure that your shipped products arrive undamaged and with a visual presentation that impresses the recipient and the purchaser. Doing so not only makes them happy about this purchase, it can plant the seed for future purchases.

Proven Strategies for Shipping Gifts

Both dads and grads appreciate attention to detail and a job that is done right. Here are some suggestions for impressing the people who receive your e-commerce shipments:
  1. Use water-activated tape (WAT) for sealing cartons. Unlike plastic pressure-sensitive tape that may require multiple strips to achieve a passable seal, water-activated tape creates a permanent bond with the carton and a clean, professional look with just one strip. And, that strong bond can help prevent undetected intrusion, which is especially important with high-value products like jewelry and leather goods.
  2. Get some low-cost “advertising” with branded tape. In addition to its other benefits, WAT can be branded with your company’s name, logo, or other information, increasing “brand awareness” wherever the package is seen.

    “#WAT can be branded with your company’s name, logo, or other information, increasing brand awareness wherever the package is seen.” TWEET THIS
  3. Add your well wishes. A brief note included in the package can let the dad or grad know that you are happy for them as well. And in e-commerce sales, a little goodwill can go a long way.
  4. Use ample padding. Saving a few pennies by skimping on the packing material will, quite often, cost you in the long run. A gift that arrives damaged is a disappointment both to the recipient and the purchaser.
  5. Make the most of the interaction. Opening a package with a gift inside is bound to put a dad or grad in a great mood. What better time to tell them a little more about your company. Including a catalog, coupon, or a sample of another product in the carton is a great way to capitalize on their enthusiasm and create a positive association with your offerings.
  6. Keep in mind special packaging requirements. If you ship heavy products like the grill, lawnmower, or easy chair that dad might want, wine that is a great gift for those who are “of age,” or other items that have unique shipping needs, be sure you take the time to pack them correctly.
  7. Double-check the destination. How many gifts each year fail to reach their intended recipient due to a simple error in addressing? Far too many! Always confirm that the address on the package matches what was provided by the customer. And, be on the lookout for their mistakes as well. An address like 123 Loak St. possibly should have been provided as 123 Oak St. When in doubt, contact the customer. Whether the information given is right or wrong, they will appreciate your attention to detail. Also, be sure to put a copy of the address label in the box in case the exterior label is lost during shipping.
Stock-Up Now
Just like dads never run out of propane for the grill and grads always have plenty of snack food and caffeine on hand, you want to be sure you are well-stocked with WAT and water-activated tape dispensers. If you have questions about our products, please contact us at your convenience.

A Guide For Tape Dispensing Performance Solutions
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Case Study: NovaLiner 24


The Details 

  • Type of Project: Construction of a 7-mile stretch of road along I-35 near Ardmore, Oklahoma
  • Size of Project: Approximately 630,000ft² of AquaMaster® NovaLiner™ 24 geomembrane liner
  • Traffic Information: Heavy traffic (I-35 is a major highway running North and South)
  • Duration: Approximately 2 years
Roadways expand and contract due to underlying moisture

The Challenge 

I-35 is a major highway running North & South from Laredo, Texas all the way up to Duluth, Minnesota. A seven mile stretch of the highway near Ardmore, Oklahoma is prone to undulations in the pavement, owing to expansive clay beneath the road surface. As the moisture content of the clay increases the clay tends to swell, which causes a non-homogenous expansion and contraction.

This area (known as the Ardmore basin) experiences frequent changes in moisture content depending on weather conditions and the situation is compounded by wild temperature variations between 0˚F in the winter (-18˚C) and 110˚F (43˚C) in the summer.

These undulations have a detrimental effect to the road surface and as a consequence, the I-35 has required several repairs in this area since its construction in the late 1960’s.

Stabilizing the road base with geosynthetics 

The Solution

Because I-35 is a heavily travelled major roadway for both passenger vehicles and heavy trucks, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation was looking for a long term solution to maintain the problem soils that had necessitated multiple repairs over the years. The use of a moisture barrier, to control the swelling in the clay subgrade, was ultimately selected based on the principle that by shielding the clay, the geomembrane would minimize the opportunity for significant moisture changes in the pavement subgrade.

AquaMaster® NovaLiner 24 exceeded the original specification and had several cost advantages over alternative materials. It was selected as the premier geomembrane because of its:

✔ Strength properties
✔ Water impermeability
✔ Lighter weight
✔ Portability
✔ Puncture resistance
✔ Soil stabilization on slopes
✔ Cost savings

Design Involved

To maximize moisture control AquaMaster geomembrane was laid down on a base of lime stabilized subgrade and would be covered with a layer of crushed stone. Continuously reinforced concrete pavement with a drainable base were placed upon the crushed stone.

NovaLiner 24 Geomembrane provided in prefabricated panels
The geomembrane was brought to the site in prefabricated panels that were between 48’ to 60’ wide and 200’ long and covered approximately 630,000 SF. The panels were heat seamed together to ensure a water tight membrane. The use of prefabricated panels ultimately saved time and money by reducing the number of seams that had to be welded in the field.

Learn more about IPG’s AquaMaster products: Call 1-800-565-2000 or visit itape.com/aquamaster.