Thursday, May 31, 2018

Case Study: NovaLiner 20

Aquamaster Landfill Cover

The Details 

  • Type of project: Installation of a fabricated landfill cover 
  • Size of project: 338,400 FT² (31,438 M²) of Intertape Polymer Group® AquaMaster® NovaLiner 20 Black/White geomembrane liner 
  • Fabricator: Colorado Lining Inc. (CLI) 
  • Contractor: RM Sonderquist 
  • Installer: Hallaton, Inc. 
A durable landfill cover was needed

The Background 

Prince William County needed a durable cover for a landfill project that would be able to stand up to the harsh conditions over two years of exposure.

The Challenge

The municipality had a very rigid specification that required extensive testing and supporting documentation in order to demonstrate the long term viability of using an AquaMaster® product in such an application.

The Solution

By working closely with the fabricators, contractors and installers, IPG was able to offer the NovaLiner 20 which met the rigid requirements of the job site plus offered a 2-year warranty required by the project specification. With CLI able to fabricate and supply custom fitted panels to the installer enabling Hallaton, Inc. to seamlessly place the material in an efficient manner and time.

The end result was a product placed in the field that had cost advantages over alternative materials and offered exceptional:

✔ Strength properties
✔ Performance properties
✔ Longevity
✔ Puncture resistance
✔ Chemical resistance

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

7 Ways to Protect Your Packages from Rainy Days

Rain is one of the major challenges facing E-commerce businesses. How do you protect your packages?

In today’s competitive business environment, it is critical that the products you ship to customers arrive in excellent condition. Fail to meet a person’s expectations, and not only will they be disappointed and expect a replacement, they are likely to share criticism on social media and then find another provider. So, not only do you lose their business, it is likely that prospective customers in their social circle will be reluctant to shop with you as well.

One of the many shipping challenges e-commerce businesses face are the weather conditions packages are exposed to while in transit. Precipitation can wreak havoc on a package and its contents. You can’t stop the rain, but there are ways to minimize the risk of water damage to the items you ship.
“One of the major shipping challenges e-commerce businesses face is the environmental conditions packages are exposed to while in transit.” TWEET THIS

Strategies for Ensuring Your Products Arrive Dry and Undamaged

It is safe to say that there are no cost-effective, fully waterproof packaging options. However, there are strategies for making standard packaging more water-resistant and providing greater protectionfor your products. If the time of year, shipping destination, or both give you reason to believe your package may be delivered on a rainy day, try one or more of the following:
  • ✔ Ship in corrugated cartons. Compared to cardboard, the three-layer construction of corrugated packaging not only provides a greater degree of water resistance, it is also stronger and less likely to tear while in transit.
  • ✔ Use reinforced water-activated tape (WAT). Also known as paper tape, gummed tape, or Kraft paper tape, WAT creates a stronger seal that holds tight even in the worst weather conditions. 
  • ✔ Pack items in new shipping cartons. While a previously used shipping carton may look like it has maintained its structural integrity, it has probably been weakened by the journey and is more vulnerable to weather conditions.
  • ✔ Tape interior and exterior seams. Run tape along the interior seams of a carton before it is packed and sealed to help keep water out. Do the same to the exterior seams to provide even greater protection.
  • ✔ Use watertight interior packaging. Shipping cartons are not fully waterproof, but the packaging you use within them can be. Place items in a sealed plastic bag to keep water that makes its way into the carton from affecting the product.
  • ✔ Pad the shipment with non-absorbent packing materials. Padding options like air pillows will protect the contents of a carton without retaining water that can damage an item.
  • ✔ Use padding to elevate the item. A package delivered on a rainy day may, unfortunately, sit outside in pooling water until the recipient retrieves it. Add ample packaging material to the bottom of the shipping carton to keep the product out of the reach of water that may work its way into the box.
Other Shipping Considerations
In addition to the actions you take to make a shipping carton more water resistant and its contents better protected from moisture, there are other considerations to keep in mind. For example, some shippers may have a better reputation for how they handle packages, especially in bad weather. The one that regularly takes the extra step to place a package in a sheltered area at the destination should get your business.

Also, you might consider alerting customers as they make their purchase that packages are delivered in all weather conditions. This reminder may prompt them to choose a delivery destination where the package will be protected or received in person.
Don’t Let Mother Nature Rain on Your (Product) Parade!
Your shipments don’t have to be at the mercy of the weather. With proper packaging materials, including WAT, and an extra step or two to increase a shipping carton’s water resistance, you can help ensure that products arrive undamaged and that your customers are delighted.
If you have questions about our water-activated tape, electric water-activated tape dispensers, and other products, please contact us at your convenience.

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Friday, May 11, 2018

How to Delight Mom with Creative E-Commerce Packaging

Adding "Wow" Factor to Your Packaging

According to the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day spending is expected to reach $23.1 billion this year. More than 85 percent of Americans surveyed said they will be celebrating Mother’s Day. If your e-commerce business is shipping packages to moms, here’s an excellent opportunity to contribute to this joyous occasion by adding the “wow” factor to your packaging.

You’ll create potentially profitable goodwill not only with the recipient, but, as a bonus, with the sender as well.

When Mama is Happy…

It has been said that, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” To put a positive spin on that humorous truism, “When mama is happy, everybody’s happy!” Other than having her children around her on Mother’s Day, nothing makes mom happier than a thoughtful gift, beautifully packaged and received undamaged.
“Other than having her children around her on Mother’s Day, nothing makes mom happier than a thoughtful gift, beautifully packaged and received undamaged.” TWEET THIS
Here are some tips for packaging your e-commerce offerings in a way to get mom’s attention and earn her appreciation:
  1. Use colorful packing paper and dried flowers. If you want to elevate mom’s excitement and anticipation, swap out or augment your standard packing materials with brightly colored packing paper and sprinkle in some dried flowers. You can be sure she’ll share this detail with her friends, and your company will get some free marketing in the process.
  2. Include a special note for mom. While you may not know the recipient personally, you know how important moms are. Sharing that sentiment in a short note and wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day is a nice touch.
  3. Include a sample of another product. Putting a free sample of another of your products in the box is not only a great plug for that item, it makes mom feel like she got a second gift!
  4. Ensure that the gift is properly protected so it arrives undamaged. Nothing puts a damper on mom’s day faster than receiving a broken gift. Worse yet, in the same way that good news travels fast, bad news may travel even quicker. Mom may just call you for a replacement, but she’s likely to inform the sender as well. Plus, it’s possible that she’ll also share her good news/bad news story with her circle of friends. She may even share her experience on social media.   
  5. Use water-activated tape (WAT) branded with a Mother’s Day message. WAT is superior to plastic pressure-sensitive tape for keeping packages sealed and their contents safe from damage or theft while in transit. Plus, you can have a message printed on your paper tape rolls so that mom feels the love even before she opens the shipping carton.
  6. Pay close attention to addressing. Even worse than receiving a broken gift, is never receiving the package at all due to incorrect addressing, or indecipherable or lost address labels. Not only does this mean mom won’t get her gift, it can lead to awkward interactions with a sender who is wondering why they were never thanked. Double-check mom’s address before the package enters the shipping stream, and always put a copy of the address label in the box in case the exterior label comes off.

Other Important Considerations

As you would expect, shipping volumes rise considerably in the days leading up to Mother’s Day. If your e-commerce business has been in operation for multiple years, you likely know how much lead time to build into your picking, packing, and shipping processes. If you are a new business, be sure to factor in plenty of padding as you consider the purchase cutoff date to announce to your customers.
Also, if you deal in perishables, keep in mind that your product may have to survive longer in transit. Shipping days earlier in a given week tend to be better for these kinds of items, so that weekend downtime isn’t a factor.

Are You Ready for the Next Shipping Surge?

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or the next big spike in e-commerce purchases and shipping, it pays to be well stocked with WAT and electric water-activated tape dispensers. If you have questions about our products, please contact us at your convenience.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

How to Choose the Right Tape for Your Needs

There are several factors to consider when choosing a packaging tape to use

Some people believe that any tape will do when it comes to sealing a carton. “If you use enough of this tape, the package will stay closed,” or so the thinking goes. However, the reality is that in a company’s shipping department, the decision on what kind of tape to use is critically important. Why?

There are several factors to consider, including:
  • ✔ Efficiency
  • ✔ Product damage prevention
  • ✔ Appearance
  • ✔ Theft prevention
  • ✔ Branding opportunities
  • ✔ Cost-effectiveness
Ultimately, the kind of tape a company chooses to use says a great deal about its focus on its employees, customers, and reputation. Is your company making the right statement with its selection?
“Ultimately, the kind of tape a company chooses to use says a great deal about its focus on its employees, customers, and reputation.” TWEET THIS

Plastic Pressure-Sensitive Tape vs. Water-Activated Tape

The two primary types of tape that your shipping department or packers have to choose from are plastic pressure-sensitive tape (PST) and water-activated tape (WAT). In order to decide which is best suited for your company’s needs, it is important to look at the characteristics of each.
Also called plastic tape, poly tape, or packing tape, PST is a petroleum-based product that has a dry adhesive applied to a clear film. The adhesive sticks to the surface of a package when it is placed there and pressure is applied. The degree of initial adhesion is affected by how textured and clean the surface is, as well as how much pressure is applied. Continued adhesion varies based on environmental conditions such as heat and humidity.
Sometimes referred to as gummed tape, reinforced gummed tape (when fiberglass is embedded), paper tape, or Kraft tape, WAT is made primarily of white or natural color paper and starch-based adhesive. When water activates the adhesive and the tape is applied to a carton, the adhesive penetrates the surface of the carton and forms a permanent bond. WAT's bond remains intact in virtually all environmental conditions, as well as dusty and dirty settings.   

When to Use Plastic Pressure Sensitive Tape

PST may be the right choice under certain circumstances. For example, it might be all you need if:
  • ✔ A strong seal is not necessary
  • ✔ You are not concerned about rip-and-replace thefts from your packages
  • ✔ You need tape that is transparent
  • ✔ Your packages will not be exposed to changing environmental conditions

When to Use Water-Activated Tape

WAT is the best tape choice if you need: 
  • ✔ A strong, permanent, tamper-evident seal on your cartons
  • ✔ Tape that can have your company branding printed on it
  • ✔ Earth-friendly tape that can be recycled
  • ✔ Tape that maintains its integrity in all environmental conditions
  • ✔ A fast, efficient, one-strip seal rather than multiple strips
  • ✔ To increase packer productivity by using an electric tape dispenser
  • ✔ Tape that protects package handlers from injury due to seal bursting
  • ✔ To ensure that packers avoid repetitive stress injury resulting from using a handheld tape gun
  • ✔ Fiberglass reinforcement for extra strength
  • ✔ A cost-effective sealing solution
  • ✔ Tape that is proven more effective in controlled studies 
  • ✔ Packages that have a neat, professional appearance

Small Investment. Big Dividend.

Despite the many ways that WAT is superior to PST, many companies continue to use PST. One likely reason is that they already own several handheld tape guns and are reluctant to spend money on a better sealing solution.
However, electric water-activated tape dispensers and the tape itself are both affordable and cost-effective. This is especially true when you consider the many additional costs of using tape that doesn’t meet your needs—from product damage and theft to the negative impact on your reputation and lost sales.
If you have questions about water-activated tape and electric water-activated tape dispensers, we are always happy to answer them. Contact us at your convenience.

A Guide For Tape Dispensing Performance Solutions
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