Thursday, November 17, 2016

Semi-Perminent Mold Releases Are On The Rise. I'm Hearing About Adhesion Complaints Again. Anyone Else?

Are we heading back to the early 2000’s when this was a common occurrence?

As the senior director of global market development, lately I often find myself being asked to advise on material substitutions for fiberglass boat manufacturing.  My work is entirely based around developing products that meet the ever changing needs of boat builders.  I find myself wondering it might be time for us to pull our patent pending 2015 IBEX honorable mention  solution off the shelf.
Back in 2002 when boat builders were booming, we scrounged to help builders find a tape that would stick to semi-permanent release agents.  When production decreased dramatically and builders went back to paste wax, the need subsided.

Now that the calls are pouring in, I am asking myself how can I help these builders?  Sure, we hear about a temporary method of wiping down the tapeline.  This method isn’t ideal as it removes the release agent from the mold, potentially damaging the mold and therefor it is not an effective solution.

Should we take our patented miracle product SMT1 off of the shelf? Or is it still too soon to react to the ever challenging “why isn’t my tape sticking” dilemma?