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4 Powerful Benefits of Branded Water-Activated Tape

IPG - Printed Water-Activated Tape

In today’s competitive business world, having a strong, recognizable brand is crucial to your success. Why does effective branding matter?

  • ✔ People who become familiar with your branding can quickly spot it and will gravitate toward it.
  • ✔ Seeing your branding recalls the positive interactions people have had with your company, and emotion helps close deals.
  • ✔ Your branding is a source of pride and confidence for your employees and business partners.
You brand your website, brochures, and other marketing materials. But, another excellent place to capitalize on your brand power is the water-activated tape you can use to seal cartons. Not every company thinks to do this. But those that do, find it to be a tremendous source of brand awareness.

Water-Activated Tape Basics

Water-activated tape (WAT) offers many benefits over plastic tape and is the distinct favorite among packers who have used both. Also known as gummed tape or paper tape, WAT comes in a wide variety of styles. 
“Water-activated tape (WAT) offers many benefits over plastic tape and is the distinct favorite among packers who have used both.” TWEET THIS
With just one strip, WAT creates a secure, tamper-evident seal that keeps a package closed and deters theft. Applied from a water-activated tape dispenser rather than a hand-held tape gun, using WAT prevents repetitive motion stress and related injuries.
WAT can be used in scenarios where plastic tape is ineffective, including dusty, cold, and hot environments and where supply chain security and the reassurance of your product delivery is necessary.  And most importantly when it comes to branding, WAT can easily be printed with logos and verbiage.

Advantages of Branding Your Packages with Printed Water-Activated Tape

  1. A more finished look. Packages sealed with a single strip of printed WAT have a clean, professional look. By contrast, when multiple strips of plastic tape are used to seal a carton, the presentation is typically rough and amateurish—not the kind of impression you want your brand to make. Using just two strips of tape (carton top and bottom) saves you money too!
  2. Greater marketing bang for your buck. You can brand your packaging by having your logo printed on boxes. However, it is much less expensive to print your brand on WAT.  In addition, if you are printing on cartons, you need a variety of carton sizes printed with your logo, increasing the cost even more. Printed WAT can be used on any size carton, meaning that your marketing dollars go further with this tape.  
  3. Flexible promotions. It is also considerably easier for you to change your messaging on the tape, rather than the box. These changing messages can be communicated cost-effectively and allow for the prospect of a repeat purchase from the promotional message that appears ON the tape.
  4. Easier identification of lost packages. When a box is misplaced by the shipper, branded WAT can make it easier to find. When scanning a sea of cardboard containers, the ones bearing your brand stand out.

Start Using Branded Water-Activated Tape to Your Advantage

It’s a welcome bonus when a business resource gives you two benefits in one. From secure sealing to adjustable messaging, branded WAT can do exactly that. When you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of branding your packages as you ready them for shipping, we’re here to help. Contact us and let’s get you set up with everything you need to promote your brand on every box that goes out!

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