Thursday, June 25, 2020

IPG Supports Advanced Recycling Initiative by the University of Florida

"Waste to Syngas" Initiative

IPG is proud to be an initial donor of the University of Florida’s “Waste to Syngas” initiative.

University of Florida’s “Waste to Syngas” initiative will be focused on research and development to best convert carbon rich waste into syngas. The leading technological contender is a process known as Plasma Assisted Gasification and Vitrification (PAG/V). PAG/V is a robust advanced recycling technology that can accept all the materials in municipal solid waste (MSW). PAG/V converts carbon rich materials such as plastic packaging materials to syngas, a combination of carbon monoxide and hydrogen - the building blocks of most commonly used plastics.

The University of Florida is leading this initiative. IPG, other donors and the University of Florida support the concept that with research and funding, this nascent technology can evolve into a leading advanced recycling technology. Syngas, which can be produced using PAG/V technology, is commonly converted to methanol, which is a primary feedstock chemical to many products. As more industry participants demand "recycled content" those demands can be potentially  met by "recycled content methanol" produced from waste derived syngas.
Our global waste problem cannot be solved solely by mechanical recycling. Many plastic products either cannot be recycled due to their resin type or material mixture. Furthermore, even recyclable products frequently have no viable end markets due to contamination and material quality issues.  Our waste crisis is continuing to grow, and today’s technologies are not robust enough to address current recycling needs and certainly not a viable solution for us to recycle the waste plastic that exists in the global environment. PAG/V has the potential to become a technology to facilitate recycling plastic packaging waste from our existing waste streams or our existing landfills into new and pristine resins. 

At IPG it is our goal to support solutions that improve  the circularity of our products. We are proud to support the efforts of  the University of Florida and this emerging initiative. To learn more, please check out: Syngas is the key to packaging sustainability.

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