Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Case Study: NovaLiner 12

AquaMaster Canal Liner Geomembrane

Preparing the canal for geosynthetic / geomembrane liner 

The Details 

  • Type of project: Installation of a fabricated canal liner – 5 miles per year 
  • Size of project: 1,350,000 ft² (125,000 m²) of AquaMaster® NovaLiner™ 12 black/black geomembrane liner
  • Fabricator: Inland Plastics or Layfield Environmental Systems
  • Contractor/Installer: Eastern Irrigation District (EID)

The Background 

The EID performs several projects annually on the infrastructure that they operate and this is a typical example. Lands adjacent to lateral 11B Springhill were being adversely affected by alkali contamination. The cause was water mounding.

Installing NovaLiner 12 geomembrane canal liner

The Challenge

Installation could not commence until after the summer irrigation season was over, which typically ends in mid-October. At this time of the year, frost and severe winter weather can occur. Due to those conditions, the installation needed to be fast and the material flexible enough to permit easy installation in cold weather. IPG® was able to meet all the requirements of the project with its AquaMaster NovaLiner 12.

The Solution

The vegetation in the old canal was removed and the sides and bottom of the canal were re-graded to one (1) foot below design grade. Sheets of AquaMaster NovaLiner 12 were placed in the channel and anchored in place using trenches on top of the banks. The liner was then covered with one (1) foot of armour gravel. For this project 42 panels 60' x 360' and 20 panels 45' x 500' were used, making it a quick and simple installation. Each panel weighed less than 1,000 lbs and was easily deployed by the crew. The design did not require field seaming, therefore panels were overlapped three (3) feet, backfilled and compacted which further shortened the installation time and eliminated the need of seam quality control on site.

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