Friday, June 8, 2018

Case Study: NovaLiner 24


Installation of AquaMaster geosynthetic pond liner

The Details 

The Background 

Eagle Ford Frac Water needed a durable containment liner to hold 2,000,000 barrels of fresh water for two Frac drills on-site. The excess water in pond is available for drilling companies in area to purchase for drilling or other needs as well.

The Challenge

With average annual rainfall at approximately 23 inches, water in the Eagle Ford shale is very scarce and in high demand. The general contractor hired a drilling company to tap 4000 feet into the aquifer to fill the Frac pond with brackish water for 2 on-site drilling rigs and to sell excess water to Oil and Gas companies in the area. Choosing a tough, durable lining system along with the best fabricator/installer was of the utmost importance to ensure that minimal water was lost after installation.

The Solution

Frac pond complete! NovaLiner 24 geomembrane
was installed in 12 hours! 
AquaMaster NovaLiner 24 was chosen due to its proven performance in puncture and hydrostatic resistance and ease of installation. BTL was able to factory fabricate five panels, 162' x 369' each (59,778 SF), and have rolls arrive and placed for deployment before mobilization. As the panels where deployed only four field seams were required saving valuable time and minimizing the need for quality control testing of field seams. 92% of the seams were done in the controlled environment of the installer’s factory, ensuring perfect seam quality. Installation was completed in 12 hours over 1 ½ days - fast installation was crucial due to variable high winds in the area that can gust up to 30 mph.

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